I am an LA-based entrepreneur with broad experience and a long history of working with entrepreneurs and early stage start-up companies. In addition, I have also developed a long track record of discovering and mentoring emerging companies in the United States and Canada. Over the past 30 years, I have worked very closely with entrepreneurs and early stage companies in a wide variety of industries, including biotechnology, pharmaceutical, hardware and software technology.

Today, I am also using my talent and experience to be of service to my neighbors and various communities. I am currently focused on helping different non-profit organizations and social enterprise programs in the “at-risk youth” area as well as the homelessness. I am working and volunteering my time for REDF (The Roberts Enterprise Development Fund), which is a pioneering venture philanthropy that is leading a national movement of employment social enterprises—mission-driven, revenue-generating businesses that invest the money they earn into transforming lives. REDF has one mission: jobs and a better life for millions of people who want to work, but whose histories of homelessness, incarceration, mental health challenges, addiction, and limited education form barriers to getting or keeping a job. I am currently working as a Technical Advisor and mentor to one of REDF’s portfolio social enterprise companies, called The RoseBud Café (based in Pasadena). The RoseBud Café empowers homeless and transitional-aged youths by training the youths to develop a newfound craft and providing them with an opportunity to get part-time or full-time employment. Finally, I am also volunteering every weekend with the Los Angeles Mission, one of the nation’s largest service providers to the homeless. I have been involved in the LA Mission Easter and Thanksgiving events where thousands of homeless people are fed as well as helping to feed the homeless in the LA Mission program every weekend.