Morrie Tobin Offers 3 Lessons To Transform Your Business

As an entrepreneur, it’s important to take a step back and learn from others who have achieved what you are hoping to achieve. That’s why I made the time to read three books that helped me transform my approach for incorporating and infusing my social purpose into my business and my approach to business creation and product launches. These books include John Wood’s Purpose, Incorporated, Joel Solomon’s The Clean Money Revolution and Eric Reis’ The Lean Startup. These three books have taught me some core principles for transforming a business. Here’s what I’ve learned:

Make Your Cause Your Competitive Advantage

Morrie Tobin Offers 3 Lessons

John Wood’s Purpose, Incorporated has taught me that your social purpose or cause can co-exist and thrive together with capitalism and business. Purpose Incorporated taught me that you don’t have to make a choice between social purpose and being profitable. You can leverage your social cause and purpose and infuse it in your company culture or business model even if you are a for-profit company.

Modern companies today are transforming their businesses to generate revenue and drastically increase their profits by integrating their social purpose in their business. They get this all done and simultaneously are able to donate to the charities or causes that they believe in. The key to achieving this is by doing work that matters to you. That’s why I’m doing this now in my new companies. My goal is to work with specific non-profit organizations and enterprises to help specific causes that matter the most.

Reinvent Your Power and Purpose

If you’re looking to align your values with your money, then Joel Solomon’s The Clean Money Revolution is the book to read. It charts a life course with a unique perspective and was written for entrepreneurs, investors and aspiring leaders looking to find the balance between their money and their values. This book helped me focus on my community service work and engage in the most significant issues today.

Morrie Tobin Offers 3 Lessons

Create a Highly Successful Business By Using Continuous Innovation

Failure is synonymous with business startups yet it’s preventable. Eric Reis’ The Lean Startup has opened up my eyes to new approaches to creating successful businesses using continuous innovation. Eric’s book provides a roadmap that modern companies across the world are adopting to transform their businesses to create new product lines and transform how they form new businesses using a specialized approach. Whether you’re launching a new product for a large company or a new business startup, this book is a must-read.

Final Thoughts

From simultaneously making a difference and making a profit to disrupting the traditional approaches to launching new products and businesses, these books have brought me a ton of insight. That’s part of why I’m implementing what I’ve learned in my business practices today. Check out these three books and discover all the insight they bring to help you transform your business.

Morrie Tobin